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Pousadas of Portugal

A pousada is not just a 5 star hotel characterized by its hospitality and personal approach. It´s a type of accommodation that allows you to travel through time (castles, palaces, and monasteries – historic pousadas), to appreciate different forms of architecture and stunning interior designs (charming pousada), to be in complete harmony with nature and surrendering to the charm and magic of Portugal´s landscape (nature pousadas) and to enjoy a variety of gastronomic works of art of Portugal´s cuisine. Our Gourmet Pousadas Tour (with accommodation at some of the beautiful pousadas mentioned below) will take you on a fairytale trip to the most enchanting and memorable places of Portugal.

 Pousada de Faro, Faro Palace Hotel  Pousada Vila Pouca da Beira, Conv. do Desagravo
 Pousada de Cascais, Fortaleza de Cidadela  Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova, Sta.Catarina
 Pousada de Óbidos, Obidos Castle  Pousada de Amares, Historic Hotel
 Pousada do Porto, Freixo Palace Hotel

 Pousada de Guimarães, Sta.Marinha, Lux. Hist.Hotel

 Pousada Viana do Castelo, Monte Sta. Luzia  Pousada de Queluz, Lisbon,  D.Maria I, Hist. Hotel
 Pousada de Belmonte, Conv. de Belmonte  






Pousada de Faro, Faro Palace Hotel

Vign pousada-de-estoiPortuguese - Pousada de Faro, Palácio de Estoi
Location - Faro
Description - An ancient and restored XVII century palace
Services - Restaurant, Bar, Chapel, 3 lounges, meeting room for 200 people, weddings
Exterior - Swimming pool and a beautiful garden
Activities - Canoeing, Cycling, boat tours, horseback riding and walks, beach, tennis court
SPA - Sauna, Turkish bath and heated indoor pool with a whirlpool.

Pousada de Vila Pouca da Beira, Convento do Desagravo

Vign pousada-de-vila-pouca-da-beiraPortuguese - Pousada de Vila Pouca da Beira, Convento do Desagravo
Location - Vila Pouca da Beira, Coimbra
Description - An early XVIII century building with a privileged geographical position, by the Serra da Estrela and Gerês favours a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. The pousada will be closed from January 1 to March 31, 2012.
Services - Chapel, Restaurant, Conference Room, Internet, Weddings
Exterior - Swimming pool, gardens, vineyards
Activities - hunting, canoeing, games room, tennis court, fishing, mountain climbing

Pousada de Cascais, Fortaleza da Cidadela

Vign pousada-de-cascaisPortuguese - Pousada de Cascais, Fortaleza da Cidadela
Location - Cascais
Description - An ancient and recovered fortress of fabulous architectural design scheduled to  open in March 2012
Services - Restaurant, bar, 13 events rooms Exterior - Swimming pool, garden, beach
Activities – Casino, Water Sports, Golf, Climbing, Tennis Courts, and Paragliding
SPA - Wellness Centre

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Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova, Sta. Cristina,

Vign pousada-de-santa-cristinaPortuguese - Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova, Sta. Cristina
Location – Near Coimbra
Description - The Pousada Santa Cristina is close to the Lisbon-Oporto motorway (A1), near the historical university city of Coimbra and only 2 Km from Conímbriga, one of the best preserved Roman ruins in Europe. Its interior design, the peacefulness of its surrounding green areas and the palace park nearby, are all excellent reasons to visit this Pousada again and again.
Services - Restaurant, Weddings, meeting rooms
Exterior - Swimming pool, gardens
Activities - Tennis, Board games, Shooting range, Boating, biking, fishing and hunting, bird watching.

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Pousada de Obidos, Obidos Castle

Vign pousada-de-obidosPortuguese - Pousada de Óbidos, Castelo de Óbidos
Location - Óbidos, Leiria
Description - Named one of the seven wonders of Portugal, this castle (the first pousada in Portugal) is inserted between fortress walls that date back to the XVIII century and is one of the most beautiful architectural jewels of Portugal.
Services - Restaurant, bar, weddings, meetings and conferences
Exterior - Gardens
Activities - Water sports, golf, horseback riding, boating, fishing, beach and games room.

Pousada de Amares, Historic Hotel

Vign pousada-de-amaresPortuguese - Pousada de Amares, Santa Maria do Bouro
Location - Amares, Braga / Gerês
Description - A recuperated XII century Cistercian monastery with a modern and comfortable decor. The Pousada Santa Maria do Bouro is the starting point for many of the Minho region´s cultural circuits.
Services - Restaurant, bar, weddings, and 3 meeting rooms
Exterior - Pool and Gardens
Activities - Hunting, Canoeing, water sports, horseback riding, boating, walking, games room and fishing

Pousada de Guimarães, Sta Marinha. Guimarães Luxury Historic Hotel

Vign pousada-de-guimaraes-santa-marinhaPortuguese - Pousada de Guimarães, Santa Marinha
Location - Guimarães
Description - The Pousada of Santa Marinha is the beautifully restored and rebuilt Monastery of the Augustinians of the XII century, located near the city centre. After renovations, this pousada received a National Architecture Prize in 1985.
Services - Restaurant, Bar, Conference Room, weddings, WI-FI
Exterior - Swimming pool, monastery garden and other beautiful gardens
Activities - Golf, Paintball, ultralight tours, horseback riding, cycling, walking or thematic tours.

Pousada do Porto, Freixo Palace Hotel

Vign pousada-do-portoPortuguese – Pousada do Porto, Palácio do Freixo
Location - Oporto
Description - A palace of XVIII century and a remarkable monument of Portuguese civil architecture of the Baroque period. The property consists of two separate but interconnected buildings: The Palace and the former Harmonia Flour Factory.
Services - Restaurant, Bar, Lounges, Conference Rooms, Broadband Internet, Weddings
Exterior - Pool, View of the Douro River, Gardens
Activities - Indoor heated pool, gym, boat tours, cycling and thematic tours, Games Room, Hiking
SPA - Sauna, Turkish Bath and Massage Room.

Pousada Viana do Castelo, Monte de Santa Luzia

Vign pousada-de-viana-do-casteloPortuguese – Pousada Viana do Castelo, Monte de Santa Luzia
Location - Viana do Castelo, Minho
Description - Thanks to the excellent restoration of the old Hotel Santa Luzia (1918) the Pousada Viana do Castelo, Monte de Santa Luzia was born. This luxurious hotel is surrounded by stunning scenery.
Services - Restaurant, Weddings, Meeting Rooms, WI-FI
Exterior - Swimming pool, Gardens
Activities - Games Room, Water Sports, Boating, biking and hiking, fishing, 4X4

Pousada de Queluz, Lisbon, D. Maria I - Historic Hotel

Vign pousada-de-queluzPortuguese - Pousada de Queluz, Lisboa, D. Maria I – Hotel Histórico
Location - Queluz, Lisbon
Description - Known as the "Versailles of Portugal," the D. Mary I Historic Hotel was once a building formerly  used by the Royal Guard of the Portuguese court in the Palace Queluz (XVIII)
Services - Breakfast Room Restaurant, Weddings, 2 meeting / conference rooms, WI-FI
Exterior - Gardens 
Activities - Beach, Casino, Golf, Hiking, Massages

Pousada de Belmonte, Convento de Belmonte

pousada-de-belmontePortuguese: Pousada de Belmonte, Convento de Belmonte
Location: Belmonte
Description: Set on the slopes of the esperança Mountain, at just over 1 km from the town of Belmonte, the birthplace of Pedro Álvares Cabral, the Pousada Convento de Belmonte results from the renovation of the former Nossa Senhora da Esperança Convent.
Services: Restaurant,Weddings, Meetings
Exterior: Swimming Pool, Beach (river)
Activities: Horseback riding, fishing, 4X4, hiking, games room
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