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We offer boat trips along the coast of the island of Sal Here you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel, and fish with bait. In case you decide to go boating all day, you can dine on board the boat. Tours can be arranged in a catamaran or sailboat. Transfers from hotel to the coast and back are included.

Catamaran - half-day tours only (4 hours) Sailing Boat - Half-day tours (4 hours) Dia inteiro (7 hours)

SAL, "Miragens" and Salinas

Discover the island of Sal! On this tour you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with the village of Santa Maria, its cultural centre and the municipal market. Following Santa Maria, the city of Espargos, the island's capital, where we will visit Café Bom Dia Next we will cross the fertile lands of Terra Boa, passing by the famous mirages until the natural swimming pools of Buracona



where you may go for a swim and watch the famous “Olho Magico” (Magic Eye). The next stop is in the Salinas de Pedra de Lume, where we will have time to float in its waters. The high concentration of salt in the water causes an effect similar to the famous waters of the Dead Sea. Lunch is scheduled at local restaurant (water and coffee are included, other drinks provided at an additional cost). We then return to the Santa Maria through the touristic area of Cabocan.

Every day Full-Day Tours (with lunch)

NEPTUNUS (Glass bottom boat)

Discover the amazing underwater world of the island of Sal. During this tour we ill visit two shipwreaks. The first of these is near the Ponta do Sino, a Portuguese ship that sank back in 1920. Its immense dec is now covered with unusual marine life and shallow-water colourful fish that compliment the landscape. The second ship, "Santo Antão" sank back in 1965. Its split deck is the perfect habitat and great for observing big fish and turtles. Upon returning to shore, make a short stop to view the "Cristo dos Mares", an underwater statue of Christ located newat the Santa Maria harbour.

BUGGY RIDE ou FUN QUAD Through the desert terrain of the Island of SalFun Quad, Сал Острова, Кабу Верде

Take a 2.5 hour tour in an unusual vehicle, choosing between an ATV and buggy. Travel to the protected "turtle graveyard" area of Santa Maria. Here, windsurfers perform a fantastic show that you may watch at any time of the day. Next, we will pass by the famous Baia da Murdeira spring and continue on until we reach the picturesque village of Calheta Funda, to take pictures, swim and relax. The next stop is scheduled at the Oásis de Algodoeiro, located at the ruins of a former military fort from the time of Portuguese colonization. Return through Ponta Preat and the touristic area of Cabocan. A transfer is included in a private jet for tours to other islands: Children under 12 years: 50% discount on tours chartered plane to the other islands. The price includes transportation, flight, guided tour of the selected island and lunch. Drinks not included.

FOGO - Island - Volcano

Experience the extraordinary and spectacular scenery of the volcano and the city of São Filipe, with its famous Sobrados, traditional colonial style houses. All of the above attracts many tourists to the island and augments the glory of the Island of Fogo as the most beautiful of the islands of Cabo Verde. Immediately upon arrival visit the city of São Filipe, a candidate for UNESCO´s World Heritage site, incomparable to anything with its beauty and architecture. Drive along the coastal road heading up the volcano and indulge in the magnificent landscapes that are simply breathtaking! The next scheduled stop is in Chã das Caldeiras, a town located at the crater – truly an unforgettable travel experience! The black volcanic ash here contrasts with vineyards and plantations of exotic plants. The buildings in Chã das Caldeiras were built of volcanic stone, casting a sense of biblical motifs. This cannot be found anywhere else! Take a tour that you will never forget!

BOA VISTA - Island Dunes

Coconut and date palms, miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches - all this and much more awaits you on the island of Boa Vista. Visit the Praia da Chave, where an old ceramics factory is located right in the dunes. Ancient tools, covered with white sand - is an unusual theme for extraordinary pictures! Follow through Povoação Velha and stop for a swim in Santa Monica, a 40-kilometer deserted beach with silky white sand. Then visit the Deserto de Viana with its agglomerated dunes and quaint landscape of picturesque sands. On the return to the village of Sal Re appreciate the rich flora. SANTIAGO – Cabo Verde´s “African” Island Santiago - the largest and most popular of the islands of Cape Verde. This is where the government, international organizations and embassies are located. Upon arrival in Cidade da Praia, visit São Jorge dos Orgãos on the way to Picos. Following along this route, you will get a good first impression of the island, with its small market squares and attractive mountain scenery alleys. Also, visit the village Pedra Badejo, followed by Achada Fazenda in Cidade Velha, the first capital of Cabo Verde, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2009. Almost at the centre of the ancient capital is Forte Real de São Filipe that has since long been a main point of slave trade. An opportunity will also be provided to see the ancient ruins of a Cathedral. After lunch, check the city´s shopping area, the Zona do Planalto, where offices, banks, picturesque local markets are concentrated.

SÃO VICENTE - The island of poets and musicians

The city of Mindelo, famous for its colonial-style architecture is the most cosmopolitan city in Cabo Verde. The movement of the city with its bars, cafes, municipal markets and friendly locals make the Mindelo in one of the most visited urban centers. Mindelo is the birthplace of many famous poets and musicians and was the permanent residence of the princess of Evora, the most famous interpreter of traditional music of Cabo Verde, Cesária Évora. Experience the local flavor and visit the cafe Lisboa, a local café popular with the locals. Porto Grande, the port area of the city, is the major commercial centre of the island. Here also exists an exact copy of the Belem Tower, a building which houses a museum. Looking around the center of the island, visit Calhau, Praia Grande and Baía das Gatas, where the most important music festival in West Africa is held.

No specific vaccinations are necessary in Cabo Verde.

Visas are done both at the border and in advance (at least 7 days prior to arrival)

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