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São Vicente

São Vicente, one of the islands in Cape Verde, is the birthplace of singer of great worldwide reputation, Cesária Évora.The city of Mindelo is known for its beauty, the preservation of its colonial architectural, the hospitality of its people, the atmosphere of nostalgia and much more, resulting in tourists who visit Cape Verde wanting to spend more time in São Vicente. The Baia das Gatas Festival is held annually in August and is the most important music festival on the west coast of Africa. Carnival in São Vicente is considered a mini Rio de Janeiro carnival... It is almost mandatory to visit the National Centre for Crafts, the Market Hall and sip on a cup of coffee in Mindelo. Other attractions include the Balanta Kentohe, Baia das Gatas, Salamansa and the beautiful São Pedro beach.The nightlife starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday and consists mostly of live music creating a warm and unforgettable atmosphere in Mindelo!

Carnival in St. Vincent

Although Carnival is celebrated in all the islands of Сabo Verde, carnival in São Vicente is the most exciting as it involves the entire population of the island showing off all the creativity and imagination of skilled choreographers, artists, musicians, composers, designers and tailors. Carnival combines the charm of beauty queens and the rhythm of black dancers that are in the parade. Tremendous efforts are made by several groups to make this colorful and popular festival livelier year after year. Dance groups such as "Maravilhas do Espaço" and "Vindos ao Norte" and other newly created groups compete for the vividness and in memory of the national and more traditional groups of Mindelo. The carnival in Mindelo became so important that the City Council is considering creating a museum, where garments and memorabilia of the parade can be displayed and remain in the memory of people.


Santo Antão

Santo Antão - an island located north-west of the archipelago, covering an area of 779 square kilometers and thus making it the second largest island in Cabo Verde. Its mountain range runs from northeast to southeast and reaches an altitude of 1,979 meters above sea level. The highest point is called the "Tope de Coroa" which is the island´s volcanic peak.The desert landscape on the west side of the island is clearly the opposite of the undeniably cool and verdant farmlands of Santo Antão. Here nature lovers can discover a wonderful scenery of towering mountains and valleys ending up at the sea. Rich in sugar cane, the island produces the largest number of grog, a typical drink of the archipelago that is still produced the old fashioned way. The abundance of rain allows residents of this island to actively develop agriculture. Santo Antão is the most beautiful island of Cabo Verde and more attractive to lovers of trekking.


Island of Sal

The desert landscape of the island of Sal, is not always a determining factor of fascination and love for this island. After a few hours' stay, the island will provoke an inexplicable temptation. Silky sand beaches, clear emerald-green waters, the friendliness, excellent restaurants and hotels and the unforgettable charm make this island a great and attractive destination. Still, there exists a series of new discoveries and acquaintances that can make you feel sad at the time of departure and the simple fact of having to say goodbye - "Ora di bai” to the natives of Cabo Verde. The island of Sal has everything to offer you for an unforgettable holiday: Excellent hotels, friendly service, fantastic entrees that are specialized with local fish, entertainment, sports (windsurfing, diving, kite surfing). In addition there are walks along deserted beaches, peace, tranquility and security.The island of Sal has a very lively nightlife. Places such as the Pirate Bar and Disco, delights lovers of African music. The islanders of Sal enjoy visits from tourists and make sure to provide a pleasant stay. Tours to on the island of Sal and other islands of Cabo Verde may be booked online through the Vanguartour website. Vanguartour will complete the picture of a splendid and relaxing holiday.



Just like the island of Sal and island of Maio, Boa Vista’s climate is dry due to the hot winds that blow from the Sahara. The island is dominated by sand dunes, palm and coconut plantations. The interior of the island is deserted; a white sand beach that stretches for kilometers makes Boa Vista a potential tourist island for surfing lovers.

Sal Rei the capital of the island, where life is simple and people live and work around the harbor. The island lives off of intensive fishing and salt production.



The volcano of the island of Fogo has an altitude of 2,829 meters and is one of the main attractions of the island. The typical village of "Chã das Caldeiras" is located inside the crater of this active volcano.The island provides guests with an unforgettable experience of richness of color, contrasting landscapes, agricultural crops and wine. Its award-winning wines are produced locally.The houses, built of black volcanic stone, evoke biblical stories, and motifs.The capital of the island of Fogo – São Filipe - is a candidate for a UNESCO´s World Heritage Site title because of the special flavour of its narrow cobbled streets, ancient trees, gardens and the preservation of colonial architecture. The colonial mansions, known to locals as the sobrados, are a living example of colonial architectural, and are a must to visit. If your interest isn’t just in architecture, the island of Fogo is also known as one of the best coffee producers in the world ...



Santiago - the largest and most populous island of Cabo Verde with valuable natural and environmental resources that includes the coast, valleys, deserts, green landscapes and agricultural areas. Traditional festivals and a homemade atmosphere make the island of Santiago the most "African" of the archipelago. Praia - is not only the main city of Santiago, it is also the capital of the archipelago. Recently it expanded due to an increase in the number of diplomatic missions and international organizations. Tourists also contribute to an atmosphere full of happiness and contrasts. It's worth your time to visit this city with its beautiful residential areas, well-preserved colonial architecture, and urban areas. At the Sucupira market one can buy and sell all kinds of vegetables. Be sure to visit the Cidade Velha. This was the first capital of Cabo Verde and the first European settlement in the tropics. The old Ribeira Grande is living memory of the old culture of the past.Visiting these places is of great cultural interest.A trip around the island will take all day, but will leave a lasting impression.


São Jorge

With its picturesque fruit market in Assomada, here you can visit the former prison that now houses the Resistance Museum in Bahia de Tarafal. The island's attractions: Immense banana and coconut plantations stretch as far as the eye can see, and visitors can enjoy a fresh coconut, open at the time of your visit.

Hotels in Cape Verde

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