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Lisbon, the largest and the capital city of Portugal, is certainly one of the most beautiful, romantic and exciting cities, in Europe.

With its remarkable blue summer sky and its warm and friendly winter you will most definitely desire to return again.

Travel through the city´s unforgettable historic centre, its ancient and narrow streets, its new bohemian neighborhoods and its commercial areas.

Lisbon has a variety of restaurants and a varied nightlife to choose from. Many hotels open their doors for the guests of the city.

Depending on your taste, you can choose to stay at a luxurious modern hotel in the city center or at a castle where you will be greeted by a representative of the royal family.

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Whether you are in the city centre or in its surroundings you will feel right at home thanks to the hospitality and friendliness of the locals, as well as the accessibility of tourist services needed. Here you will have no problem with public transport, with ATMs, telephones and so on. Combining all this with a pleasant climate throughout the year, you will ask yourself: Why have I never been to Lisbon before?

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