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Washed by the warm waters the Gulf Stream, the archipelago of Madeira surfaces from the Atlantic Ocean, while mountain peaks stretch out of the deep waters and intertwine with the green fertile valleys.  Look out your passenger window while flying above Madeira and indulge in this spectacular sight!

The fertile volcanic soil of Madeira, a mild subtropical climate – both contributed in acquiring her fame as the "island of flowers". Madeira´s image is also composed by a variety of exotic fruit trees, extensive vineyards and banana plantations. This is truly a heavenly abundance!

Madeira has long been famous as a year-round resort destination. Since the 18th century people belonging to the exquisite estates and celebrities spent their winters here. To this day, life does not stop here for a minute! Be it a holiday with friends, a family trip, extreme travel, or a business meeting, Madeira will satisfy all your travel needs and requirements. It has everything you need and more for your holiday: sunshine, mild temperatures, the warm waters of the Atlantic, many friendly hotels with excellent service, the various cultural and sports programs, friendly locals, and of course fresh fish for dinner!

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When introducing the archipelago, the obvious city to start from is Funchal, the capital of the island. This picturesque town is located at the foot of the Atlantic coast´s amphitheater. Funchal is the third largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon and Porto. It was founded in the 15th century, and evidence of its five hundred years is everywhere: in the centuries-old buildings, and the cherished traditions of the locals. In addition, FNC is a significant port city. Many cruise ships slowly and majestically enter the port each day in the center of the capital. From Funchal, you can easily get to the most remote corners of the island thanks to the modern express way that surrounds the island. The farther we drive to the north of the island, the more apparent the difference is in the surrounding natural landscapes. An abundance of fruit trees are replaced by the pristine laurel forest, known to locals as the Laurissilva, the forest that survived the earth´s Ice Age and currently protected by UNESCO. Many beautiful waterfalls flow down directly onto the road, which gives one a feeling of complete oneness with nature.

Madeira will most definitely impress you with its food and beverages. The local espetada (chunks of beef smeared with garlic and salt skewered onto laurel branches) and scabbard fish with bananas – are dishes that are all made from local products. Since you are here, why not try the famous Madeira wine? You will surely become a fan!

For outdoor enthusiasts there is large
 selection of different sports. Madeira acquired popularity in activities such as diving, sport fishing, hang gliding, kayaking and trekking. Families with children can take a tour on the flagship or catamaran to meet the dolphins and whales, go to the Water Park or the Madeira theme park.

Those who wish for a change in scenery, travel to the nearby inhabited island of Porto Santo. Here you will find incomparable beaches, the Columbus Museum, and a fabulous golf course.

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