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Born and leaning over the Douro River, Oporto is known as one of the oldest cities in Europe. The historic city centre is surrounded by modern building with lines that harmonize with the forms of ancient architecture. The city was officially recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Learn more about Oporto and discover all its secrets!

First and foremost, Oporto is known worldwide for its famous port wine. The real Port wine can be tasted here! The atmosphere of the city helps us to discover the true taste of this delicious drink. Wineries, tasting rooms and factories are all positioned on the banks of the Douro River. A barrel of wine aboard a Douro River cruise will make you feel like a true merchant of Port! Here you will discover that Oporto is a city of bridges! Many bridges of various sizes, modern and old are in the city of Oporto including the famous Maria Pia Bridge, the first major project of the famous architect Eiffel.

The streets are full of small restaurants serving traditional cuisine. In addition to a variety of seafood dishes, you'll have the opportunity to taste the local sausages, cured leg of pork, cheese, soup and of course ... desserts!

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Oporto has a unique architecture. The unique, baroque, neoclassical construction style and traditional Portuguese tiles will amaze you. Today, exhibitions and museums are located in these buildings. There are parks and gardens in various parts of the city and invite visitors on a pleasant stroll. The oldest botanical garden in Portugal is located precisely in Oporto and is a true work of art.

While in Oporto, be sure to visit the beautiful Portuguese province of, “Verde Minho”, the northern part of the country. Guimarães - considered the cradle of Portugal, the first capital of the kingdom of Portugal, is recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Stroll by the beautiful traditional houses, the old town´s granite pavement, the castle, the Santiago Square and the Church of Nossa Senhora da Oliveira and feel the true spirit of the medieval era. Braga - a city that once competed with Spain the most important title of the Iberian Peninsula, the Primate of the Spains. Many nations have passed through the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Braga, such as the Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Suevi. Here you can find almost any style of architecture, especially Baroque-Portuguese. One of the most striking buildings of this style is the Bom Jesus Sanctuary (Merciful Jesus) - the temple is reached by a large granite staircase with fountains and sculptures recounting the stories of the Gospel. This staircase is considered one of the 10 most beautiful staircases in the world. Viana do Castelo - where the opportunity to taste the famous green wine made only in the region is everywhere. The city of Viana do Castelo, also known as "Princess of Lima" is situated on the banks of the river Lima.

Welcome to Oporto!

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